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Drain pan for a dishwasher.

In this house under constuction the hardwood floors were laid prior to the cabinets being set. During the rough-in stage a plumber added a drain line under the location of the dishwasher. Then, once cabinets were set in place my fiberglass contractor made a perfect drain pan for the dishwasher. This is a simple way to prevent catastrophe from happening if a dishwasher ever overflows. Do I think these are 100% necessary? No. Are they a great idea? Yes. Especially if you have living space below your dishwasher and an overflow will flood both levels of a house. I think that washers are a more likely culprit for overflow issues so I put a pan under 90% of the washers in the houses I build. This same technique will work for a washer too. Remember this won’t capture all the water but it will direct most to the drain. -Matt Risinger

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