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Dual Flush Toilets No Longer on my Reccomend List

  Toilets are a hot topic on my blog, I always seem to get questions about what toilets I recommend.  You may have seen my review of the Toto Aquia that I did in 2007 after I first moved into my remodeled 1970’s house.  The photo above is my kids bathroom with a Toto Aquia tucked under the countertop.  I love how this toilet only uses .9 gallons in the low flush.  This works amazingly well, even takes 90% of the solids without needing to got the higher 1.6 gallon flush.  However, since I did that review I’ve had a change of heart towards dual flushing toilets in general.  As of May 2010 I no longer recommend any dual flushing toilets to any of my clients.  Here’s why:
–  Dual Flush Toilets have a Low water spot (meaning a small puddle) = Streaking the bowl
–  Streaking leads to double flushing = no longer saving water
  This is not an issue of clogging, my Toto’s have never once clogged.  It’s really a cleanliness issue.  It’s also not a Toto issue.  My clients who just moved into a remodel we completed in Dec 2009 have dual flush Kohler toilets with the same issue.  So, what DO I Recommend?  I put a Toto Eco Drake (see my review from last year here) and this “low flow” toilet has been a champion.  It uses 1.28 gallons of water on every flush and has a higher more standard water spot.  This toilet can streak, but not nearly as often as the dual flush models in my other bathroom.  As a result, I only flush the 1.28 gallon toilet once but my .9 gallon dual flush models regularly get double flushed for cleanliness purposes. 
  I love the Toto brand but I’d look for toilets that are high efficiency but with a larger water spot.  Just my two cents.  -Matt Risinger