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Quickflash Side Wall Penetration Flashing

First, let me say that I hate caulking! I realize it’s a modern necessity, but whenever I can eliminate cauling as a primary means of weather sealing I will! These Quickflash weatherproofing boots are the same type of product you would use on the roof to keep pluming pipes waterproof. Why wouldn’t we treat our side walls the same as our roof penetrations? Believe it or not, we do get a lot of rain here in Austin. Our annual rainfall is around 35″, and most of the time when it does rain we have HUGE downpours. Modern construction is not tolerent of moisture intrustion so I think these products are a great belt & suspenders way to ensure our buildings last for generations (not just through the first mortgage).
They’re inexpensive (about $5-$8 per) and very easy to install. What’s the cost of one water leak? Alot more than $8 I assure you. I order mine from http://www.efi.org/ as I don’t know of a local Austin supplier. Check out the video on their website to see them being installed. They come in a multitude of sizes for pipes, wires, & HVAC penetrations. They can be used with Siding, Brick, Stucco, Rock, whatever. These little gems save alot of headaches and really contribute to the overall durability of my Risinger Homes. -Matt Risinger
PS> Photo’s are of a hose bib, Plumbing clean out, and HVAC condensate drain. They’re sticking out pretty far as the wall finish is brick in these locations.

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