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Slab Pre-Pour Video with Termimesh cameo

In this video I’ll give you a tour of a reinforced engineered slab that’s about to be poured and show you how we prevent termite damage on our homes. I’ve talked about the Termimesh system before but I’m surprised by how few builders in Austin use their program. It is required in Texas to pre-treat your foundation for termite intrusion and the usual method for preventing termites is to do a soil pre-treatment under where your concrete is going to be placed. A typical house needs 100-250 gallons of pesticide to prevent termites from entering through your slab foundation. This chemical treatment can be totally eliminated with a Termimesh system. The Termimesh stainless steel barriers at all slab penetrations creates a physical barrier to termite entry inside the walls of your house. Termites can still tunnel up the side of your slab but an annual visual inspection can detect this entry and measures can be taken at that time.