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Spray Foam & LSL TimberStrand Studs Video Blog

In this video blog I’m showing the insulation of a Master Bath addition on a 1940’s house in Central Austin. I’m a huge fan of Spray Foam insulation and it always makes me smile to see the guys in the space suits show up on my jobsite to foam a house! You also get a peek at Timberstrand LSL Studs in this bathroom. These are a man-made 2×6 stud from Wayerhaeuser that makes for totally straight/flat walls. They are perfect for bathrooms & kitchens where you’ve got expensive cabinets + countertops butting into walls that need to be flat/straight/plumb. They are about 3-4x the price of a typical Spruce Pine Fir Stud but worth the investment for key areas of the house. If you can spend $250-$1000 per linear foot for cabinets you can afford to spend the money to have straight walls behind them! Spray Foam and Man-Made Studs… what would those 1940’s builders who built this house originally think??? -Matt Risinger